We are striving for Japan's NO.1 in a production of original uniform. ™Uniforms for futsal is popular. Let's make your own original uniform!
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™What is the full order
™What is the makerorder?
™Goods on catalogues
™What is marking?
™Which makersfproducts do@weehave?
™Information about the Big Sports.
™Ordering Information
™he shop deals in big size shoes.@
™nformation about teams and players in Minami Bousou.
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We design uniform, team logo, and uniform number based on exactly your requests. It wonft be any problem wherever you live. You can always discuss your ideas and concerns with our staffs over communication networks. Letfs wear your original uniform!

Discussing about designs of a team logo such as color and size of number with you. Drawing up designs on a computer display and discuss about them with you. Discussing about the final designs with makers.

We introduce high computer technology systems in our office. Therefore, our designers use them to create great designs that fulfill your request. Our motto is fast and beautiful. We willingly continue to produce high quality goods.

The Process until you have your original goods.
@@ Shop

1 Discussing about a design with you over phone, fax, email or visiting our shop.
2 Designers and staffs discuss further about the design based on your requests.
3 Having second meeting with you.
4 Having another meeting among the designers.
5 Sending size samples to you after we get your satisfaction with a final design.
6 Finally, we start to make actual uniforms.
7 It will be 3 to 4 weeks that the goods will be arrived your home.
 You would get free design fees for uniforms and marks, if you order more than 5 uniforms.
™You and our staffs keep in contact during the process. You will get their own account in our home page so that you can check on the status of your order at any time.

™What is the full order You participate in making uniforms entirely. We produce uniforms based on your design. 1As for the size, we will send samples to you.@2In the full order service, the length of uniforms in each size will be adjusted to your size.@3We receive an order from ONE uniform.
™What is the maker order? You can order uniforms combining each part of uniforms on a catalogue.1There are differences depending on makers if you can order the number of uniform sets for the initial time, but many makers usually accept an order from ONE uniform.2An  additional order is available from ONE uniform.
™Goods on catalogues Choosing uniforms from makersf catalogues.@1We receive an order from ONE uniform.
™What is replica? We make uniforms of J-league teams and Club teams from all over the world.
™What is marking? Introduction of the marking process in our office.
™Which makersf products do we have? Information about makers that we deal in, such as Puma and Adidas.
™Information about the Big Sports. Comments from our manager and Direction to the shop.
™Ordering Information Information about payment and shipping options.
™The shop deals in big size shoes.@ Our shop has various sizes of spiked shoes up to 29 cm.
™Information about teams and players in Minami Bousou. Our manager starts this page voluntarily.
™Link Information about makers that we deal in.
™Contact  Us Please contact us for order and questions.

šA chief of the shop's total adviser room@@